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We provide impressive and interested set of exercises that help you to train and shape your body in an injury free and effective manner.

What The Nelson Do’s

-Personal Fitness Training

The Nelson Personal Fitness Program is combination of science and art in itself. The Nelson Trainer understands the science of your body and life style and artistically incorporates all these with your targets and desired posture.


-All age groups (from kids to senior citizens)

-For both genders (male and female)

-For special population (diabetic, hypertension, asthma, heart patient, obese etc.)

-For time frame goals (marriages, interviews, marathons, expeditions, etc)

-For healthy weights loss

-For weight gain

-For body building

-For modeling

-For certain character (as movie/play script require)

-For celebrates (businessman, politicians, cricketer, sportsman, film stars etc.)

-Group fitness Training

The Nelson Group Fitness program is not like other group programmers where your personal requirement is overruled by group. Here whether you are group but the Nelson Fitness Trainer gives you personal attention.

We provide Group Fitness Trainers For

-All age Group (from kids to senior citizens)



-Power yoga


-Kick boxing


-Cross fit workout

-Animal flow

-Outdoor Fitness Training

The Nelson Outdoor Fitness program is designed to make you fresh. Now a day’s every person is physically tired and mentally feel bored from his/her daily 24x7 routine. The Nelson Outdoor Fitness Programmed Helps you to get of this and to come closer to nature and finally to regain your energy and freshness.

We provide outdoor Adventure, fun and fitness Programs Like

-Family Jungle camps.

-Family beach camps.

-Hiking/trekking expeditions.

-Mountain bike expeditions.1

-Jungle camps.

-Mountain expeditions.

-River rafting

-Jungle military camp training

NOTE: group booking for outdoor fitness programs is also entertained e.g. for schools, clubs, societies, company staff etc.

-Goal and Sports / Specific Training

The Nelson Goal and Sports –specific Training Program is designed to focus on customer’s target. Suppose a customer thinks to be preparing his/her body to play any sports/game, his/her training will be in accordance to his/her level (beginner/moderate/advance).

We Provide Goal and Sport Specific Training Like

-Preparation for any sports and game (all age groups/Both Genders/all levels/professional and non professionals)

-Preparation for marathon and expeditions (for professionals and professional both)

-Preparing her/him for any function.


Welcome To The Nelson India.com
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